Le Phonk

Le Phonk: The distortion plugin you will ever own.

Le Phonk Screenshot


For a general overview of Le Phonk, visit the product page.

  • Double click on any control to reset it.
  • Click the Le Phonk logo on the top-left to view the about screen and check for updates.

Basic controls

Basic controls
  1. Skin selector.
  2. Volume knob. Controls the output gain of the plugin.
  3. Bypass button. Toggle the plugin's processing.


Main distortion module.

Basic controls
  1. Mix the distorted output of Zekete with the dry signal.
  2. Choose the distortion type. Use the scroll-wheel to quickly switch between types.
  3. Control the distortion strength.
  4. View the wave-shaping curve and peaks of the input signal.

Distortion types

  1. Ungh: Simple wave-shaping.
  2. Beef: Crunchier wave-shaping with additional filtering.
  3. Tub of gravy: Up to 200 all-pass filters to disperse the signal.
  4. Woah haha: Sinusoidal wave-shaping.
  5. Glumbis: Simple wave-shaping with subtle dispersion.
  6. Scrimbly: Fold-back wave-shaping to really destroy the signal.

Le Ottz

Up-down multi-band compressor, inspired by OTT.

Basic controls
  1. Bypass toggle for Le Ottz.
  2. Time: adjust the compression speed (attack and release) of the compressor.
  3. Mix amount for Le Ottz.
  4. Le Ottz Multiplier; duplicate the Le Ottz processing for even more compression.

Le Fonz

Soft-clipper to glue the sound together.

Basic controls
  1. Bypass toggle for Le Fonz.
  2. Soft-clip amount.